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Information Bookkeepers Need to be Efficient and Effective

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

It is vital to provide your bookkeeper with all the necessary information and documents they need; so they can adequately record transactions. Typically, this isn't too difficult or time-consuming to do.

First, a bookkeeper needs to know what kind of business entity you have and how many owners there are. Then you will need to provide copies of all bank and credit card statements from the months and/or years they request. They will also need to see check details for all checks written from any business checking accounts for the dates requested. Next, they will need access to your asset and liability information; agreements and loan statements will be needed if you have any loans. A company's assets should be recorded in the books, which is something that many small businesses neglect; therefore, you should provide your bookkeeper with any necessary purchase agreements or receipts. Having this information up-to-date is essential to figure the value of your business at any given time and to track depreciation. Copies of receipts are needed for any business purchases that were made from personal accounts. It is best to keep notes on what each receipt is for, so the transactions can be appropriately classified.

All in all, the more information you provide to your bookkeeper, the more likely they will find ways to help you cut costs and better manage your finances. Are you looking for someone to manage your books? If so, contact me today, I would be happy to assist you! I am an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and specialize in working with clients who have QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop (PC & Mac), QuickBooks Enterprise, and QuickBooks Premier. Located in Murrieta, CA, and servicing clients nationwide!


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